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Very Light Jet Performance Comparison

The Very Light Jet or VLJ became an aircraft category with the creation of the Eclipse 500 in the early 2000’s. Shortly there after Cessna released the Citation Mustang that was soon followed by the Phenom 100 and the Honda Jet. VLJ’s typically have a takeoff weight of less then 10,000 pounds and are certified for single pilot operations. While the Honda Jet, Citation M2 and Phenom 100 are all slightly above the 10,000 lbs takeoff weight, they are still considered VLJ aircraft.

Cirrus Vision JetEclipse 550Citation MustangPhenom 100EVCitation M2Honda JetHonda Jet Elite
NBAA 4 Pax IFR Range796 nm825 nm963 nm1,092 nm1,183nm1,223 nm1,437 nm
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)300369340406401422422
Long Range Cruise (ktas)256334319340323360360
Max Payload (lbs)1,1301,0001,1501,7751,4101,5201,720
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW)2,036 ft2,394 ft3,110 ft3,195 ft3,210 ft3,934 ft3,490 ft
Service Ceiling (ft)28,00041,00041,00041,00041,00043,00043,000
PowerplantFJ33-5A x 1PW610F-A x 2PW615F x 2PW617F1-E x 2FJ44-1AP-21 x 2HF120 x 2HF120 x 2
Thrust per engine (lbf)1,8009001,4601,7301,9652,0502,050
AvionicsG3000Avio NGG1000 G3000G3000G3000G3000
Est. Cost Per Hour$662$889$1,015$1,152$1,395$1,135TBD
Passengers + Crew6+15+15+16+16+16+16+1
Cabin Length (excluding baggage)11 ft 6 in7 ft 6 in9 ft 9 in11 ft11 ft17 ft 10 in17 ft 10 in
Cabin Width5 ft 1 in4 ft 2 in4 ft 7 in5 ft 1 in4 ft 10 in5 ft5 ft
Cabin Height4 ft 1 in4 ft 7 in4 ft 6 in4 ft 11 in4 ft 9 in4 ft 10 in4 ft 10 in
Aircraft Length30 ft 11 in33 ft 6 in40 ft 7 in42 ft 1 in42 ft 7 in45 ft 7 in45 ft 7 in
Wingspan38 ft 8 in37 ft 9 in43 ft 2 in40 ft 4 in47 ft 3 in39 ft 8 in39 ft 8 in
Internal Baggage16 cu ft6 cu ft10 cu ft
External Baggage30 cu ft57 cu ft60 cu ft46 cu ft66 cu ft66 cu ft
Production Years2016-Present2006-20082006-20172008-Present2013-Present2015-Present2015-Present
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Aircraft data may vary from aircraft to aircraft compared to the provided data figures. Buyers and operators should verify their individual aircraft specification.