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Multi-Engine Turboprop Performance

Like the single-engine turboprops, the multi-engine turboprops range from utility to executive configured aircraft. Manufactures are in the process of producing more versatile multi-engine turboprops to fit the larger multi mission rolls as we have seen in the single engine market. Aircraft such as the EV-55 and Cessna SkyCourier are just two of the newer aircraft to fit this multi roll mission that are currently undergoing to path to certification with certification expect in 2020.

EV-55 Outback**Cessna SkyCourier**Nextant G90XTKing Air C90GTxKing Air 250King Air 350iERPiaggio Avanti EVO
NBAA 4 Pax IFR Range (full fuel)1,046 nm900 nm1,290 nm975 nm1,038 nm2,271 nm1,510 nm
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)220200283270310303400
Long Range Cruise (ktas)180TBD213208256238318
Max Payload (lbs)3,8456,0002,4502,1132,1702,7851,425
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW))1,3783,3002,1001,9842,1104,0573,260
Service Ceiling (ft)24,00025,00030,00030,00035,00035,00041,000
PowerplantPT6A-21 x2PT6-A-65SC x2GE H75-100 x2PT6A-135A x2PT6A-52 x2PT6A-60A x2PT6A-66B x2
Thrust per engine (shp)5361,1005505508501,050850
Inspection (TBO)3,600TBD4,0003,6003,6003,6003,600
AvionicsTBDGarmin G1000Garmin G1000Pro Line FusionPro Line FusionPro Line FusionPro Line 21
Est. Cost Per HourTBDTBD$700$986$1,181$1,205$1,214
Passengers + Crew9+118+27+17+19+19+17+1
Pressurized CabinTBDYesYesYesYesYesYes
Cabin Length16 ft 6 inTBD12 ft 7 in12 ft 7 in16 ft 8 in19 ft 6 in14 ft 11 in
Cabin Width5 ft 4 inTBD4 ft 8 in4 ft 6 in4 ft 6 in4 ft 6 in6 ft
Cabin Height4 ft 6 inTBD4 ft 10 in4 ft 10 in4 ft 10 in4 ft 10 in5 ft 9 in
Aircraft Length46 ft 7 in72 ft35 ft 6 in35 ft 6 in43 ft 10 in46 ft 8 in47 ft 3 in
Wingspan53 ft 2 in54 ft 10 in53 ft 3 in53 ft 8 in57 ft 11 in57 ft 11 in47 ft
Production Years202020201971-Present***1971-Present*1972-Present*1972-Present*1990-Present*
*Production years may include other airframe variants.
**Preliminary data
***Rebuild of original King Air C90

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Aircraft data may vary from aircraft to aircraft, compared to the provided data figures. Buyers and operators should verify their individual aircraft specification.