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The Altivation Team

Chris Swathwood

Business Jet, Turboprop, and Piston Sales

Growing up flying in Colorado with his father, Chris developed a passion for aviation at young age. This passion inspired him to start his own flight training while obtaining a degree in aviation technology from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and currently holds Commercial SEL and MEL pilot ratings. Now a father himself, he enjoys sharing this love and passion of flight with his own children, as his father once did with him.

In aviation for over 20 years, Chris started his career in avionics sales before moving into aircraft sales, working for both an aircraft manufacture and an independent brokerage firm. In 2018 Chris founded Altivation Aircraft, and was selected as one of the National Business Aviation Association’s inaugural Top 40 under 40 recipients for his work in aviation. In a continued effort to promote and further aviation for today and future generations, Chris continues to work with the Colorado Aviation Business Association and other organizations. Over the past 14 years Chris has served in several roles for CABA including Chairman of the Board, and currently serves as the Chair of Legislative Affairs.

Chris’s passion and love for aviation carries over with everyone of our clients. We take pride in working diligently to meet all your aircraft needs, whether it’s a piston aircraft or a business jet.


Luke Moore

Aircraft Sales Consultant – Denver, CO
Business Jet, Turboprop, and Piston Aircraft

As a kid growing up in a small Nebraska town flying RC aircraft with my dad, I feel like I was always drawn towards aviation. Dad use to say, “When you and your brother get out of the house, I’m going to buy a real plane and learn to fly,” and he stuck to that. It was in that plane that my real love and passion for aviation took hold. Home for Christmas between deployments while serving in the Marine Corps, my gift under the tree that year, my first logbook and lessons in my Dad’s Cherokee.

Now a corporate pilot, I bought my own Cessna 175 just after getting my private pilot rating to build time and along the way found some new aviation passions. One I am very proud of is to have helped rescue over 50 dogs through Pilots N Paws. As a passionate aviator and aircraft owner I wanted nothing more than to also share my love and passion for flying with others. In doing so, I have had the joy of utilizing my Cessna 175 to take more than 100 people on their first small aircraft flight over the years. As both a corporate pilot, and an aircraft owner, I understand the ups and downs of ownership and I look forward to helping you to protect our most valuable asset (your time). I can not wait to help you find that perfect aircraft for your mission.


Kiko Jeantette

Aircraft Sales Consultant – Sarasota, FL (SRQ)
Piston and Turboprop Aircraft

When it comes to bucket lists, being a pilot was always at the very top for me. In fact, growing up I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Well, life happens and when my dreams of flying in the military didn’t pan out because of a medical issue, I started a life in computers instead. Over the years I found myself working at the end of runways, ironically, and would watch the planes come and go never dreaming that could be me.

As you get older you realize you don’t want to look back and regret what could have been. So at the age of 47 I started my private pilot journey. This included buying my first plane, with the help of Altivation, of course. At 48 I passed my check-ride and decided that flying just wasn’t enough. I loved the journey of learning to fly, buying an aircraft, and meeting others in the aviation community. I loved it so much that I decided that I want to help others in their same journey! In aviation we are always learning and I’m eager to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of what I’ve learned. Buying a plane is a major life decision, especially when you have a family, so you don’t want to go into it blindly. I’ve had amazing people help me along my journey and it’s time for me to help others with theirs. I know first-hand what plane ownership is like and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned to help others find the right aircraft, at the right time for them, their family, and their mission.


Will Drzycimski

Aircraft Sales Consultant – Indianapolis, IN
Piston and Turboprop Aircraft

An aviation enthusiast from early on, I’ve enjoyed flying, watching, and talking about aircraft. At age 18, I took the plunge and started flight training, aiming for the airlines. I acquired my private, instrument, commercial, CFI, CFII, MEL, MEI, and ATP ratings along with a degree in aviation from Liberty University.

For the first year and a half of my aviation career, I busied myself as a flight instructor, logging about 1,500 hours of dual given and keeping track of about 40 different students, all of whom had slightly different goals in mind. In 2020 I headed off to fly Caravans for a major cargo company, before making the move to our sister company, and taking a role as a first officer on the  ATR. More recently, I have had the opportunity to start making the transition over to the latest addition to the fleet—the Cessna Skycourier.

While I thoroughly enjoy working with a major air cargo company (and flying airplanes in general), I have definitely missed working with my own clients, and helping them achieve their goals, walking them through daunting tasks—such as learning how to land on their own, to helping them purchase their first aircraft. As a flight instructor who has helped students with both these activities, I  look forward to assisting our clients at Altivation Aircraft as they embark on this exciting adventure of aircraft ownership. Whether you’ve bought or sold an aircraft before, or this is a completely new experience, I look forward to helping you through the process.


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