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Buying a Piston Aircraft

Buying an airplane can be a daunting task, whether it’s your first piston aircraft or you have owned several in the past. It pays to have representation to help guide you through and manage the acquisition process. Like an aircraft, Altivation is a time saving tool for buyers, freeing up your time from searching for an aircraft. Allowing us to manage the purchase process, and allowing you to focus on your normal daily operations. If full aircraft ownership is not for you, Altivation can help you work through several ownership structures from, aircraft shares to lease backs and more.

To learn more contact our piston sales at info@altivationaircraft.com or contact us at 720-663-9281 (option 2)


What is Included with Altivation Acquisitions Services?

  • Aircraft Mission Analysis
    • Altivation will work closely with you to perform a full mission analysis, using your passenger requirements, airport data, budget and other data points to help locate the ideal aircraft to fit your needs.
  • Aircraft search
    • Many people only search the “on market” aircraft listings as advertised online or in publications. Altivation will not only search these “on market” listings, but utilize our partnerships and industry network connections, all while emailing and calling current aircraft owners to ensure we provide you with the very best in ” on and off market” options.
  • Contract Negotiations
    • The purchase price is just a starting point to any aircraft transaction. Altivation will work closely with you to ensure the aircraft purchase agreement helps to protect you, while providing a clear and concise agreement on all aspects of the aircraft transaction, helping to reduce the stress of the aircraft purchase.
  • Operating Cost Analysis
    • Using leading industry data, Altivation will provide you with an average yearly operating cost/budget analysis for the identified aircraft/s.
  • Purchase Process and Import Support
    • Altivation works closely to manage the transaction from start to finish for our clients. This includes working with our clients during the aircraft selection process to thoroughly review aircraft logbooks, pre-buy and inspection facility review and progress supervision, to assisting in aircraft imports. Once aircraft have completed the inspection and acceptance process Altivation will work closely with the escrow agent to ensure timely and smooth closing for all parties.
  • Post-Closing and Lease Back Options (If needed).
    • Altivation will help you work through the post closing needs, hangar, and additional ownership structure options if needed.

Inquire today for more information at info@altivationaircraft.com