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Light Jet Performance Comparison

Light jet aircraft typically are comprised of aircraft capable of operating in and out of short fields while accommodating 6-8 passengers with an average range of 1,900nm and single pilot certified. Below we look at some of the newer aircraft in this class.

Citation Encore+Citation CJ3+Citation CJ4Nextant 400XTiPilatus PC-24Phenom 300E
NBAA 4 Pax IFR Range1,673 nm1,825 nm1,927 nm1,801 nm1,950 nm1,971 NM
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)426415442447440453
Long Range Cruise (ktas)375352377406375383
Max Payload (lbs)2,2901,9702,2202,0502,5002,637
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW)3,520 ft3,180 ft3,140 ft3,821 ft2,930 ft3,138 ft
Service Ceiling (ft)45,00045,00045,00045,00045,00045,000
PowerplantPW535B x2FJ44-3A x2FJ44-4A x2FJ44-3AP x2FJ44-4A x2PW535E x2
Thrust per engine (lbf)3,4002,8203,6123,0523,4203,360
AvionicsPro Line 21G3000Pro Line 21Pro Line 21HoneywellProdigy Touch
Est. Cost Per Hour$1,790$1,680$1,970$1,623TBD$1,758
Passengers + Crew8+19+19+17+211+19+1
Internal Baggage26 cu ft7 cu ft27 cu ft90 cu ft18 cu ft
External Baggage41 cu ft65 cu ft71 cu ft26 cu ft66 cu ft
Cabin Length (excluding baggage)17 ft 4 in15 ft 8 in17 ft 4 in15 ft 6 in23 ft17 ft 2 in
Cabin Width4 ft 10 in4 ft 10 in4 ft 10 in4 ft 11 in5 ft 7 in5 ft 1 in
Cabin Height4 ft 10 in4 ft 8 in4 ft 9 in4 ft 9 in5 ft 1 in4 ft 11 in
Aircraft Length48 ft 11 in51 ft 2 in53 ft 4 in48 ft 5 in55 ft 3 in52 ft 2 in
Wingspan52 ft 2 in53 ft 4 in50 ft 10 in43 ft 3 in55 ft 9 in53 ft 2 in
Production Years1989-2011*2014-Present2009-Present2014-Present**2018-Present2009-Present*
*Production years may include other airframe variants.
**Rebuild of original Beechjet 400 produced from 1986-2003

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Aircraft data may vary from aircraft to aircraft compared to the provided data figures. Buyers and operators should verify their individual aircraft specification.