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Eclipse 550 Specifications

Eclipse 500/550

The Eclipse 550 is the second revision of the Eclipse VLJ (Very Light Jet) which started deliveries in 2006, and like other VLJ’s is certified for single pilot operations. Powered by two PW610F-A engines, producing 900 lbs of thrust each. The Eclipse 550 is capable of carrying 4 passengers with a NBAA IFR range of 825 nm and max cruise speed of 369 knots. The 550 is equipped up front with the Avio NG avionics suite, with average operating cost of $889 per hour, the Eclipse 550 can carry up to 5 passengers and a pilot in its pressurized cabin.

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Eclipse 550 – Specifications

NBAA 4 Pax IFR Range 825 nm
Max Cruise Speed (ktas) 369
Long Range Cruise (ktas) 334
Max Payload (lbs) 1,000
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW) 2,394 ft
Service Ceiling (ft) 41,000
Powerplant PW610F-A x 2
Thrust per engine (lbf) 900
Avionics Avio NG
Est. Cost Per Hour $889
Passengers + Crew 5+1

Eclipse 550 – Dimensions

Eclipse Cross Section

Cabin Length (excluding baggage) 7 ft 6 in
Cabin Width 4 ft 2 in
Cabin Height 4 ft 7 in
Aircraft Length 33 ft 6 in
Wingspan 37 ft 9 in
Internal Baggage 16 cu ft

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