The Pilatus PC-24

Pilatus PC-24 - Altivation Aircraft
Pilatus PC-24 - Altivation Aircraft
Pilatus PC-24

Building upon the versatility and success of the PC-12, Swiss aircraft manufacture Pilatus introduced the PC-24 in 2013, and with it a whole new aircraft category. This new SVJ or super versatile jet category occupied solely by the PC-24, further highlight’s the capabilities that have been designed into the aircraft.  Much like the Pilatus PC-12, the PC-24 is a capable business class aircraft able to operate off of the worlds unimproved strips, thus allowing the aircraft to meet a multitude of operations mission profiles.

With its aluminum alloy skin and structure, the PC-24 is thrust into the air by 3,420 pounds of thrust, from each of its 2 Williams FJ44-4A-QPM, FADEC controlled engines. Underneath, the aircraft is supported by rugged low pressure tires, and trailing link gear designed to tackle some of the rougher surfaces previously reserved for the more rugged turboprop and piston aircraft. Continuing with the design for off airport operations, the PC-24 touts a damage tolerant design, all while providing the signature large rear cargo door as found with the PC-12.

Taking a look at the numbers operators can expect to see sea level takeoff distance of 2,930 feet (paved surface) in standard conditions and at max takeoff weight. Operators will find the PC-24 offers a max payload of 2,500 lbs, in its 23 foot long cabin. Once aloft the PC-24 provides a NBAA 4 passenger IFR range of 1,950 nm, all while cruising at 45,000 feet and a max cruise speed of 440 knots.

Walking up the large air stair of the PC-24, one enters into a 5’1” tall, and 5’7” wide cabin, a larger cabin then that of the PC-12, the PC-24 also features 13 cabin windows. The main cabin offers several configurations from the standard six passenger seating with forward club, and fold out tables with leather inserts (optional) and its aft galley (right) and storage cabinets (left), to the PC’24’s double club with seating for up to eight. If your mission profile requires greater seating capacity the PC-24 also offers a high density seating arrangement with seating for up to eleven passengers in the commuter seats. Passing through the aft divider wall, the large cargo area, this can also be accessed by the externally operated large aft cargo door.

Moving back up front in the PC-24 cabin, and similar in design to that of the PC-12, is the forward hidden lavatory. This externally serviced lav is discreetly hidden away directly across from the air stair entry.  The lav when in use is separated from the cockpit area but a solid floor to ceiling door, and further separated from the passenger cabin by a pocket doors in the forward divider wall. Directly under the sink a simple click of a button folds the lav out for use and easily folds right back in under the sink area. Also located in the front closet and lav area passengers will find a mounted touch screen tablet interface unit allowing for easy linking and control of cabin systems.

In the cockpit of the single pilot certified Pilatus PC-24 features the Pilatus Advanced Cockpit avionics suite by Honeywell, with its two 12” primary flight displays, and two center mounted multi-function displays. Features such as auto throttles, Smartview Synthetic Vision, enhanced ground proximity warning, TCAS II and more helps further round out the offerings of the PC-24.

No matter your mission, the Pilatus PC-24 offers modern and luxurious finishes, comfort, in a business class aircraft. While offering state of the art avionics and technology to deliver people, goods and services to some of the world’s most remote locations ever visited by jet aircraft.

Pilatus PC-24 – Specifications

NBAA 4 Pax IFR Range 1,950 nm
Max Cruise Speed (ktas) 440
Long Range Cruise (ktas) 375
Max Payload (lbs) 2,500
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW) 2,930 ft
Service Ceiling (ft) 45,000
Powerplant FJ44-4A x2
Thrust per engine (lbf) 3,420
Avionics Honeywell
Est. Cost Per Hour TBD
Passengers + Crew 11+1

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