The “Enhanced” Phenom 300E

Phenom 300E - Altivation Aircraft
Phenom 300E
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The Phenom 300 single pilot light jet has become one of the most popular and best-selling light business jets on the market over the past 6 years. Building on the success of the Phenom 300, Embraer started production on the new Phenom 300E with the first delivers occurring earlier this year. Recently we took a moment to visit with Embraer and experience the new Phenom 300E in person.

With a NBAA 6 passenger range of 1,971nm, and a max cruise at 453 knots at up to 45,000 feet. The Phenom 300E can get you to nearly any two places in the US non-stop. As with the other Embraer aircraft, and building on their experience in producing commercial airliners, Embraer ease of access design for maintenance reduces aircraft downtime and this continues to carry over into the Phenom 300E.

The Phenom 300E, which stands for Enhanced, brings an all new interior design to this 6-10 passengers light jet which is available in several configurations. The aircraft features a forward galley, divan, and rear belted lav, all while enhancing the passenger experience through its technological upgrades. As you enter the cabin, passengers will find the new interior design is comparable to some of the world’s finest luxury cars on the market. The Phenom 300E’s all new seats, designed and built by Embraer, include options like diamond stitched leather, and features broader seat backs, extendable upper leg support and headrest for greater comfort. Even the aisle armrest have undergone a makeover, allowing them to be fully recessed into the side of the seat, giving a more open feel to the cabin while adding an additional four inches of aisle room.

Sitting in the seats one starts to take in the new cabin management and in-flight entertainment system designed into the center roofline with two drop down 7 inch touch screens, and additional controls discreetly placed in the sidewall armrest. The new system features Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to keep passengers connected throughout the flight, while allowing them to access and control the system through an app on their mobile device.

This redesign of the interior does not stop there, as the air vents once placed over head have now been relocated to the center roofline and flush mounted. A new table design, combined with the redesign of the in-flight entertainment system now creates a flat table surface all the way to the sidewall creating a larger work area, while still providing 100w international charging ports and USB’s for passenger devices.

In the cockpit pilots will find the upgraded avionics with the Garmin G3000 Prodigy® Touch Flight Deck, with enhanced situational awareness. The simplified switches are designed with a single pilot operation in mind, further reducing pilot work load. All of this while still providing a cabin flight altitude of 6,600 feet at a cursing altitude of FL450 creating even further in flight comfort.

While the Phenom 300E brings a complete redesign of the interior, and upgrades to the flight deck, the Phenom 300E still provides the same great capabilities of the previous Phenom 300 in it’s range and speed. Starting around $10,000,000 Embraer continues to look forward towards achieving the same level of success they have seen in the 10 years of the Phenom 300 production, with the new Phenom 300E.

Phenom 300E Manufacture Video – youtube

Phenom 300E Performance and Airframe Data:

Range (6 pax, NBAA IFR 100nm Alternate) 1,971nm
High Speed Cruise 453 kts
Takeoff Distance 3,138 ft
Landing Distance (6 pax, NBAA IFR) 2,220 ft
Max Payload w/ winglets option 2,637 lbs
Service Ceiling 45,000 ft
Passengers + Crew 9 + 1
Internal Baggage 18 cubic ft
External Baggage 66 cubic ft
Cabin Length 17.2 ft
Cabin Width 5.1 ft
Cabin Height 4’11”
Aircraft Length 52’2″
Wingspan 53’2″
Aircraft Height 16’5″

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