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Super Mid-Sized Jet Performance Comparison

Super midsize cabin class aircraft are capable of carrying up to 12 passengers with and NBAA reserves 4 Pax range of over 3000 nm.

Challenger 350Citation Sovereign+Citation X+Falcon 50EXGulfstream G280Legacy 500Praetor 600
NBAA 4 Pax IFR Range3,250 nm3,069 nm3,372 nm3,260 nm3,646 nm3,125 nm3,900
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)470460528480482466466
Long Range Cruise (ktas)460388470430459440440
Max Payload (lbs)3,4002,7652,6503,3204,0002,8004,001
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW)4,835 ft3,530 ft5,250 ft4,935 ft4,750 ft4,0844,800
Service Ceiling (ft)45,00047,00051,00049,00045,00045,00045,000
PowerplantHTF7350 x2PW306D x2AE3007C2 x2TFE731-40 x3HTF7250GHTF500EHTF500E
Thrust per engine (lbf)7,3235,9077,0343,7047,6247,0367,528
AvionicsPro Line 21HoneywellG5000Pro LinePlaneViewPro Line FusionPro Line Fusion
Est Cost Per Hour$3,152$2,699$4,099$3,900$3,163$3,180TBD
Passengers + Crew10+212+212+29+210+212+212+2
Internal Baggage106 cu ft35 cu ft22 cu ft25 cu ft154 cu ft155 cu ft155 cu ft
External Baggage100 cu ft82 cu ft90 cu ft
Cabin Length (excluding baggage)25 ft 2 in25 ft 3 in25 ft 2 in22 ft 11 in25 ft 10 in27 ft 6 in27 ft 6 in
Cabin Width7 ft 2 in5 ft 6 in 5 ft 6 in6 ft 1 in7 ft 2 in6 ft 10 in6 ft 10 in
Cabin Height 6 ft5 ft 8 in5 ft 8 in5 ft 9 in6 ft 3 in6 ft6 ft
Aircraft Length68 ft 8 in63 ft 6 in73 ft 7 in60 ft 8 in66 ft 10 in68 ft 1 in68 ft 1 in
Wingspan69 ft63 ft 4 in69 ft 2 in61 ft 8 in63 ft66 ft 5 in70 ft 6 in
Production Years2014-Present2004-Present1996-2018*1979-2008*2012-Present2014-Present2019

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Aircraft data may vary from aircraft to aircraft compared to the provided data figures. Buyers and operators should verify their individual aircraft specification.