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Large Jet Performance Comparison

Large cabin class aircraft typically accommodate up to 14 passengers with a range of  3,500 nm and greater. The large jet comparison takes a looks at some of the more common and currently in production business aircraft in the category.

Challenger 650Citation LongitudeFalcon 2000SFalcon 2000LXSFalcon 900LXGulfstream G450Legacy 650E
NBAA 4 Pax IFR Range4,000 nm3,500 nm3,540 nm4,065 nm4,650 nm4,328 nm3,919
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)470476482483474476460
Long Range Cruise (ktas)424457437437459459425
Max Payload (lbs)4,7502,5444,9505,0005,8005,8004,939
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW)5,640 ft4,900 ft4,325 ft4,675 ft5,600 ft5,600 ft5,741 ft
Service Ceiling (ft)41,00045,00047,00047,00051,00045,00041,000
PowerplantCF34-3B MTO x2HFT7000 x2PW308C x2PW308C x2TFE731-60 x3Tay Mk 611-8C x2AE3007A2 x2
Thrust per engine (lbf)9,2207,5507,0007,0005,00013,8509,020
AvionicsPro Line VisionG5000Easy IIEasy IIEasy IIEasy IIPrimus Elite
Est Cost Per Hour$3,385$3,500$3,150$3,090$3,588$4,747$3,860
Passengers + Crew12+212+210+210+212+212+214+2
Internal Baggage115 cu ft112 cu ft131 cu ft130 cu ft127 cu ft169 cu ft286 cu ft
External Baggage8 cu ft8 cu ft
Cabin Length (excluding baggage)25 ft 7 in25 ft 2 in26 ft 2 in26 ft 2 in33 ft 2 in40 ft 4 in49 ft 10 in
Cabin Width7 ft 11 in6 ft 5 in7 ft 8 in7 ft 8 in7 ft 8 in7 ft 4 in6 ft 11 in
Cabin Height6 ft6 ft6 ft 2 in6 ft 2 in6 ft 2 in6 ft 2 in6 ft
Aircraft Length68 ft 5 in73 ft 2 in66 ft 4 in66 ft 4 in66 ft 4 in89 ft 4 in86 ft 5 in
Wingspan64 ft 4 in67 ft70 ft 2 in70 ft 2 in70 ft 2 in77 ft 10 in69 ft 5 in
Production Years2015-Present*20191995-Present*1995-Present*1987-Present*2005-20182002-Present*

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Aircraft data may vary from aircraft to aircraft compared to the provided data figures. Buyers and operators should verify their individual aircraft specification.