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D.W. – Piston Aircraft Acquisition

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Entering the airplane market for a first time purchase was an intimidating task. How would I know the true condition of an aircraft verses what was being presented by a seller? Was I looking for enough capability in a plane or too much? Chris at Altivation Aircraft was able to give experienced guidance regarding various planes that were coming on the market and provide red flags for consideration. He was also able to give advice on my journey as a pilot, and to help make recommendations.

Chris met me in Chicago to review the plane with the A&P/IA, went through all of the maintenance logs, helped me set up the Garmin database for the first time, and then met me back at my home airport with big smile when we returned on our home flight. Chris’ genuine enthusiasm in aviation and his authenticity shows through at every opportunity during the process. Just as Chris was referred to me, I would highly recommend him and his company Altivation to any prospective buyer!